Autism washington wa Autism Recovery Resources of Washington (ARROW)

Free stuff related to autism
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ASL Browser- unique site that features videos to demonstrate sign language:

Educating Children With Autism- published by National Academy Press, 2001

Some free ABA program instruction "how to" articles

All kinds of charts and freebies

Autism graphics

FAPE online (free copy of "Educating Children with Autism")
(note, you have to download one page at a time, 276 pages total, but it's FREE!)

Free information and assistance with insurance problems

"Red and green choices" sample pages

Handwriting worksheets - customize your own

Sensory integration handouts and powerpoints

Cindy's Autistic Support - Cindy Glew is an award-winning autism teacher from Pittsburgh, PA.
It's easy to see why she's an award winner because her freebies are awesome

Free computers to those who qualify

Free links page